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Пора рассказать о сайте, который сам я посещаю уже довольно давно.
Сайт посвящён изучению языков, и, на мой взгляд, реализует весьма здравый подход к языку, и реализует на довольно высоком уровне.

Хозяин и главный идеолог сайта, Стив Кауфман, описывает своё видение учебного процесса следующим образом: )
Сейчас на сайте представлено десять языков. Заходите, здесь интересно!
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Not far ago I choose a text from my Portuguese book to study with LingQ (I have no audio for it, so I just used LingQ as a smart dictionary lookuper :-)

( the text is here : Luís Fernando Veríssimo. Lar Desfeito )

I could understand its very basic outline. Once there was a family, husband, wife and three children. The parents were so happy together that their never had quarrels. Their children found this situation boring. Each of the kids have a friend of him(her) whose parents were divorced or fallen out. That made up some drama, as uderstood by kids. Eventually children decided it would be nice and entertaining if their parents are falling out. Then their parents decided to pretend their relations are ruined and to imitate bad attitude to each others. They decided to keep playing that kind of show until their children leave their house (until they grow older to leave the house?).

I haven't found this text either rather interesting or funny. I haven't understood its puch line. Either it's a kind of dark humour or it's edifying, but I could not get it.

Finally this text has seemed a bit absurd to me.

I found some amount of grammar thing in this text, some verbs conjugation examples (not too easy to beginner), some vocabulary concerning human relations (which I guess is useful in everyday life).

I guess it is rather difficult text for such a beginner as me. Did I miss something important? And why could someone choose this text for a student's reading book?


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